War and Peace

The editorial position of Standpoint Zero is not neutral. ‘Journalistic neutrality’ in the context of conflict is always a fiction. One must have a standpoint to have a point of view. Journalism is about perspective and the ability to convey that perspective to a particular audience with its own particular expectations and demands. The journalist can only challenge his or her audience to a point beyond which he or she will be rejected as a traitor or a foreign agent. The journalist, as an intellectual appointed to the role of approved seer, is an instrument of hegemony. In wartime then the journalist is always partisan to his or her own state, society, class, and paymaster. No other kind of journalism exists.

Standpoint Zero takes an unapologetically pacifistic position, which is not the same as neutrality. Pacifism is not passivism. It is partisan to the dangerous ideological position that war is always and everywhere a crime; the greatest of all crimes against humanity. Violence is a failure, and war is the greatest failure of politics and diplomacy. As expressions or symptoms of power, neither violence nor war can be answered by counter violence or warfare — which are themselves symptoms of power. Rather, power is a corruption of truth which is predicated on the lie that one person has the right to impose their will over another. Power can only be disempowered by liberating truth. Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Speaking Truth to Power

The first casualty in every conflict is the truth. In a world of rampant disinformation and state-media manipulation it is more important than ever before to see the facts and establish the truth. This is central to the mission of Standpoint Zero, to uncover the fact — the full story — a and present the truth to the reader, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable that truth might be. We owe this to ourselves, we owe it to our readers, and we owe it to the world. Our commitment to you is that we will always seek out the facts and present them in our in-depth analysis of political and geopolitical realities.

Support and Funding

Standpoint Zero is broke — and we intend to keep it that way. We do not accept corporate sponsorship, political donations, or any kind of support (financial or otherwise) from any government or government agency. Our funding and support comes directly from you, our readers, and we will use whatever you give to make sure you get the highest quality of news and analysis from the best writers we can afford. We need money and resources to keep going. So if you can give, that is wonderful. But if you can’t — or won’t, that’s fine. Support us by reading what we produce and by sharing it with your social networks. More often than not, ‘exposure’ is more valuable than greens. If you would like to make a regular donation to support the work we do, you can do that in the link below.

Principles and Ethics

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