War Room | Ukraine, 15 April 2022

The Russian flagship guided missile cruiser Moskva is reported to have sunk in the Black Sea under tow after a fire in the ammunition hold led to an explosion that seriously damaged the vessel. The Russian Defence Ministry, however, has denied that the cruiser has sunk, stating that it was still afloat and heading for repairs. What is known for sure is that the ship did suffer significant damage and is for the time being out of service. … More War Room | Ukraine, 15 April 2022

War Room | Ukraine, 12 April 2022

Russian and DPR forces have accelerated their assault on the Azov Nazi stronghold of Mariupol, overrunning the port facility in the south-west of the city on 8 April and forcing Ukrainian Army (AFU) and Azov units to retreat into the Azovstal steelworks along the coast. The port had been a key defensive position of the Ukrainian forces, the loss of which has been a terrible blow to the defence of the city. … More War Room | Ukraine, 12 April 2022

War Room | Ukraine, 11 April 2022

With forces fresh from Kyiv, the Russian General Staff has launched a number of offensives along the line of contact in Donbas. In the north of this front the Ukrainian resistance at Kharkiv has been stiff, making it difficult for allied forces to flank the city’s defences. Towards the centre, however, the Ukrainian resolve has faltered allowing armour and infantry to puncture the frontline at Popasna. Russian forces now have a toehold inside the giant cauldron forming in the south of Kharkiv and north of Donetsk oblasts. … More War Room | Ukraine, 11 April 2022