Air Exclusion Zone (Ukraine)

The enforcement of an air exclusion zone is not merely a matter of having the upperhand in the airspace subject to the exclusion (‘air superiority’), it requires the military capability to dominate the zone and exclude all unauthorised aircraft — by force if necessary (‘air supremacy’). Such dominance therefore demands the strength and ability to impose this with the destruction of hostile radar, air defences, and air bases — all of which are in sovereign Russian territory. … More Air Exclusion Zone (Ukraine)

The Rules We Cannot Break

Ukrainian civilians — qua persons who are not members of the armed forces — who have taken up arms before the occupation of Ukraine have in effect become a levée en masse. They are considered under international humanitarian law and by the rules of military engagement in international treaty law as combatants. They are no longer safeguarded by the laws and conventions of warfare that exist to protect civilians and civilian populations. Such persons may be targeted and killed by invading forces as enemy combatants, and where such persons (combatant civilians) take shelter among non-combatant civilians they pose a serious danger to unarmed civilians who may be killed as collateral damage in any fighting between the invaders and the combatants. … More The Rules We Cannot Break